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Grammarly is the leading and one of the best writing assistant tools out there. Millions of people use Grammarly every day to optimize their content, making it flawless, well structured, engaging, and unique. 

Grammarly helps you form better sentences, correct grammar and spelling, improve your vocabulary, give proper word suggestions, and even determine your sentences’ tone. 

Because Grammarly is AI-powered and comes with many useful features, it also comes with a price. 

It has both free and premium versions, so, in this article, I’ll discuss both versions in detail. I’ve covered both the Grammarly free and premium features and I’ve also covered the best free and paid Grammarly alternatives. So, keep reading and choose the best option for yourself.


Best Grammarly Alternatives



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Grammarly Premium Review: 

Although you’ll find a great list of Grammarly’s alternatives below, I’ve also decided to give you an insight into Grammarly’s Free and Premium plans. That way you’ll have a comparison and hopefully, it’ll help you choose the right tool for your needs. 


Grammarly Premium offers a great set of features you simply don’t find in the free version. The Premuim Version allows you to up your grammer game right from the source of writing, be it a document thats uploaded or via the browser extention. The powerful AI Grammarly has makes the best suggestions I’ve noticed so far, and has an amazingly easy to understand user interface. The best part about Grammarly is you don’t have to download any software, everything is done via their website, which you can of course access from anywhere, on any device. Getting access to all of your saved work is very quick and easy too. 

Grammarly Dashboard

Above you can see the simple and minimal Grammarly Dashboard… this simple elegance makes it very easy to navigate and use.

You can simply click on the new page and create as many documents as you want. Grammarly has no document or word limitations and lets you analyze and correct as many articles as you want. 

Below you can see an overview of the Grammarly document page. 

Grammarly Functions and Features

On the right-hand side of the screen the AI or ”Assistant” keeps you on track and keeps you informed on the following things within your piece of work:

  • Overall Score: Indicates the overall quality of your article, rating it out of 100. It’s based on the sentences used, your articles engagement and clarity, errors, etc.
  • Goals: This is a pretty exciting option that allows you to select your purpose: choosing audience, formality, tone, domain, intent, etc.
  • Alerts: Here, you’ll see any alerts relating to the following parameters within your article:
    • Correctness: Spelling and Grammatical Mistakes
    • Clarity: Is your content crisp and clear? In other words is it easily understandable by your audience.
    • Engagement: Tells you how engaging the content sounds depending on your audience type.
    • Delivery: This checks the tone and delivery of your article based on the audience type you selected.
  • Plagiarism: With Grammarly premium, this option is like a desert after a full meal. I’ve personally used this feature a lot, and I would rate their plagiarism checker as 9/10. It works great and helps you make your content plagiarism free and unique… VERY important! 

Grammarly Features & Pricing:

The paid version of Grammarly has two different packages. Check out the comparison below and depending on your needs; go ahead with either the Premium or Business versions.

Grammarly Premium & Business:

    • Checks Grammar, spelling, and punctuation of your sentence
    • Checks the Consistency in spelling and punctuation
    • Checks the fluency
    • Checks the Conciseness of your article
    • Suggests Clarity-focused sentence rewrites
    • Focuses on propper Formatting
    • Checks how compelling the article is
    • Variation and emotions of your sentences
    • Checks the tone of your sentences
    • Confidence in the article
    • Level of politeness & Formality
    • Checks on the inclusive language
Plagiarism Checker:
    • Checks the plagiarism of your content helps you make it unique and outstanding!

Extra Add-ons: Grammarly offers some unique add-ons and integration features, making its use extremely diverse while being incredibly accessable from any platform… extras include:  

  • Browser extensions
  • MS Word and MS Outlook add-in
  • Google Docs support
  • Native apps for Windows and macOS
  • Keyboard for iOS and Android

I recommend adding the browser extention, as it’ll help you correct your writing on any website even if you don’t have spelling check options available. The extension is also available for free users, meaning all you need to do is signup for a free account to take advantage of one of the most used tools Grammarly has.

Difference Between Premium & Business Plan: 

The business plan offers the same features as the premium plan, along with a management system. The business plan has been created for agency use, where multiple people access and work on the same account simultaneously.

Here are some extra features that a business plan offers: 

  • 3 + licenses for multiple users
  • Individual account for each user or team member
  • Admin panel and usage statistics of each member
  • Priority email support and SAML single sign-on

Grammarly Free Version:

Many people think Grammarly is wholly paid. However, that’s not true. It offers a free version that’s ideal for students who might not be able to afford the premium versions. 

The free version obviously offers you limited features in comparison although it’s enough if you’re looking for a spell checker and clarity suggestions. 

Here’s a list of features you get with the free version of Grammarly:

    • Checks Grammar, spelling, and punctuation of your sentence
    • Checks the tone of your sentences [Limited Sites]

You can also check the Image below for your understanding.

Grammarly Plans





Latest Pricing


Basic writing suggestions

  • Spelling

  • Grammar

  • Punctuation



Style, tone, and clarity improvements for writing at work and school.
  • Everything in Free

  • Clarity-focused sentence rewrites

  • Tone adjustments

  • Plagiarism detection

  • Word choice

  • Formality level

  • Fluency

  • Additional advanced suggestions



Professional and clear communication for teams of 3 to 149.

  • Everything in Premium

  • Style guide

  • Admin panel

  • Centralized billing

  • Priority email support

  • SAML single sign-on



Grammarly is the most recommended tool when it comes to writing assistants and for good reason. It offers various plans and pricing based on the needs of an individual and a company.

If you’re a student who might not be able to afford a paid tool then, I would recommend the free plan, you’ll still benefit.

If you’re a content creator or a writer, you would be better off going for the Grammarly premium package and for agencies with multiple users, the premium business plan the best option. 

Now, we’ve discussed this excellent tool in detail, so let’s now check out the alternatives in the market. I’ve covered the 13 best alternatives available for Grammarly premium with their features and pricing in detail. I hope this guide will make your job of choosing the right tool easier.

Here’s the list of all the writing assistant tools that are available: 

Tool Name

Starts at

Add on's



Check Pricing



  • Browser extensions

  • MS Word and MS Outlook add-in

  • Google Docs support

  • Native apps for Windows and macOS

  • Keyboard for iOS and Android

  • Windows 

  • macOS

  • Browser

  • iOS and Android



  • Browser extensions

  • MS Word and MS Outlook add-in

  • Google Docs support

  • Data Visualization Provides In-Depth Understanding

  • Browser

  • MS Word & MS Outlook

  • Google Docs



  • Supports integration with Google Chrome, Outlook & Google Docs.



  • Supports a browser extension that works on emails and other platforms.

  • Browser


USD $5/mth

  • Works on Windows 7, 8, 10, macOS, Sierra (10.12), All Browsers, MS Office and Gmail. 

  • Windows

  • macOS

  • Browser

  • Sierra

  • MS Office

  • Gmail



  • Allows File Uploads & Plagiarism Check Integrated into Proofreader


EUR 9.99/mth

  • Allows you to upload files

  • Super fast file translation

  • Listen to the pronunciation of words



  • Basic grammar and spelling checkups

Hemingway App


  • Desktop version available for Download

  • Online

  • Desktop



  • Supports MS-Word integration

  • Grammar check for multiple languages

  • MS-Word

Slick Write


  • Content hints



  • Downloadable on Windows, Mac

  • Windows

  • Mac



  • Supports manuscript upload



  • Dialect feature

I’ve invested a lot of time testing each of these tools to give you the answer you need. So, let’s dig in!

ProWritingAid Review:

(Recommended Alternative For Grammarly)



ProWritingAid is one of the best writing assistants after Grammarly. It’s got all the features that you’ll need to write great content and offers all the essential elements of a great writing assistant… grammar check, spelling check, style editor, etc. 

Like Grammarly, Prowritingaid works in ‘the cloud’ and has an extension for integration with the major browsers and platforms like Google Docs, Ms-Word, etc.

Let’s take an in-depth look at plans, features, and pricing of this excellent tool now…

ProwritingAid Features:

There are three packages that the tool offers—starting with the Free Plan, Premium Plan, and Premium Plus.

Free Plan Features:

  • Summary Report on Key Issues
  • 19 Writing Reports
  • Edit 500 words at a time
  • Use online only

 Premiums Plan Features:

All of the free version +

  • No word limit
  • Desktop version
  • Integrations for:
  • MS Word, Google Docs, Chrome, and Scrivener

 Premium Plus Plan:

 All of the premium version +

  • 50 plagiarism checks per year
  • Perfect for academics

 Unlike Grammarly, you’ll find the free plan with ProWritingAid comes with a couple of limitations. You’ll also notice, the premium plan comes with a limit of only 50 plagiarism checks per year.

ProWritingAid Pricing:

ProWritingAid Premium Pricing looks like this, offering three different payment options:

prowritingaid premium pricing

 The premium plan plus also offers three different payment options:

  • Monthly – $24.00
  • Yearly – $89.00
  • Lifetime – $499.00


prowritingaid premium plus pricing

Are you a student who’s interested in buying the premium plan, but can’t afford it? How about this…

Click Here to get a 20% student discount.

Extra Add-ons:

ProWritingAid offers some unique add-ons and integration features, making it extremely diverse meaning it can be used on any platform: 

  • Browser extensions
  • MS Word and MS Outlook add-in
  • Google Docs support
  • Data Visualization Provides In-Depth Understanding


If you’re looking for a good writing assistant that rivals Grammarly I’d recommend giving ProWritingAid ago. It offers an easy to use interface, a powerful AI, and suggestions with excellent grammar and spelling checker. The only thing that might change your mind when you’re deciding is the limitations that are on the plagiarism checks which won’t necessarily suit agencies or regular bloggers.

However, If you’re a blogger, a student or even a company of copywriters, you should give it a go and make you’re own mind up.

Visit the ProWritingAid website or click here for a Student Discount Link 20%

Sapling.ai Review: 

(Most Recommended For CMS Users)

sapling home page

Overview :

Sapling is an AI Writing Assistant specially designed for customer-facing teams, formal writing and businesses. 

Their powerful AI automatically monitors whatever you’re writing on your CMS (Content Management System) system and Email. Sapling offers impressive features like an instant response, auto sentence completion, catching grammatical errors, and spell checking.

Sapling.ai’s Sapling Suggest lets customer-facing agents respond to customers instantly with quick responses and suggestions that sapling offers. I was also impressed by the efficiency of the tool. It helped me increase productivity, suggesting whole sentences I could send. These suggestions are based on AI, which learns your daily conversation style then applies it to whatever you’re writing.

Another exciting feature that I didn’t find in any other tool is the snippet library. This feature is a unique one and offers you terms and phrases from a list of perfectly suitable words.

Sapling also offers a browser extension which allows the integration and checking of content on any CMS. Sapling is compatible with major CMS like Gmail, Salesforce Lightning, HubSpot and Zendesk, etc. 

Sapling Features & Pricing:

sapling features


Enterprise Plan Features : 

  • Basic suggestions
  • Use on free domains
  • AES-256 and TLS (HTTPS) encryption
  • Advanced premium suggestions
  • Snippets
  • Autocomplete Everywhere
  • Unlimited use on premium domains
  • Email & ticket support
  • Domain administration
  • Team analytics
  • Conversational insights
  • Dedicated support contact
  • Bulk user provisioning
  • Advanced security options
  • Custom integrations

Pro Plan Features : 

  • Basic suggestions
  • Use on free domains
  • AES-256 and TLS (HTTPS) encryption
  • Advanced premium suggestions
  • Snippets
  • Autocomplete Everywhere
  • Unlimited use on premium domains
  • Email & ticket support

Free Plan Features :

  • Basic suggestions
  • Use on free domains
  • AES-256 and TLS (HTTPS) encryption

Sapling.ai Pricing :

sapling pricing and plans

Free Plan – $0.00 – Best For Students

Pro Plan – $25.00/month. – Best For Individual Writers 

Enterprise – You need to call Sapling.ai and get customized pricing. – For Teams

If you’re intrigued by this powerful writing assistant then, here's a free trial offer!

Add-ons :

It supports integration with Google Chrome, Outlook & Google Docs.

Conclusion :

Sapling.ai is an excellent writing assistant tool for working professionals. If you’re someone who sends emails, manages customers and clients, I’d recommend you give Sapling.ai a go, the speed and efficiency you’ll gain are definitely worth the money!

Gingersoftware or Ginger Writing App :

Gingersoftware Writing App

Overview :

Gingersoftware or Ginger Writing App is a unique writing assistant that I came across. This tool is mainly focused on social media and your emails and supports platforms like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MS-Office, etc.

A few of the most intriguing features I found on Ginger were Text Reader, Translators, and A Personal Trainer. These features were a little unexpected and would certainly make the job of choosing a writing assistant tool more challenging. 

Like any other writing assistant, Ginger also offers basic features like a grammar checker to fix your sentence structure, punctuation, and sentence-style.

This tool’s suggestions are also pretty impressive, helping you improvise content and boost productivity. Probably the most impressive thing about Ginger though is the fact that it can check your work in 40 different languages!

Gingersoftware Features & Pricing : 

GInger Features

Premium Plan Features : 

  • Unlimited Grammar Checker
  • Translations in 40 Languages
  • Definitions
  • Ginger for Browsers
  • Sentence Rephraser
  • Text Reader
  • Practice on your mistakes
  • Analysis of your errors

Free Plan Features : 

  • Translations in 40 Languages
  • Definitions
  • Ginger for Browsers

Ginger Writing Assistant Pricing : 

As with most of the alternatives in this list Ginger has both a free and a premium plan. The free plan is pretty good if you’re just looking for the translations, definitions, or necessary corrections while typing something on your browser. However, if you’re looking for unlimited grammar checks and analysis on your writing, then you should definitely give the Premium version a shot.

Premium Plan Pricings : 

Gingersoftware pricing


$29.96 $14.98 /month


Billed as one payment of $59.88

Two Years

Billed as one payment of $95.76

Does Ginger give you what you need in a writing assistant tool? If so, here’s a Discount Coupon for Ginger! You’re welcome 🙂

Add-ons : 

Ginger supports a browser extension that works on emails and other platforms.

Conclusion : 

Ginger has got some unique features like translation in 40 languages, however on the downside, it doesn’t support Google Docs which for me is a deal-breaker. BUT that’s the only drawback I found with this tool. Ginger definitely should be on your shortlist if that’s not going to be an issue with the way you work. Apart from that, it’s fantastic when it comes to suggestions and boosting productivity.

WhiteSmoke Just Write Review : 

whitesmoke home image

Overview : 

Before I put this post together I had no idea about WhiteSmoke and was a bit skeptical; having said that, this tool didn’t fail to amaze me. Trust me, writing a guide like this isn’t an easy task when you have so many excellent tools to choose from. 

WhiteSmoke is a great writing assistant backed by excellent features like grammar checker, plagiarism checker, translator, and a unique feature, “One-click instant Proofreading.” The AI in the Whitesmoke Writing Assistant detects errors very efficiently and gives suggestions based on your article’s context.

It has all the essential features you find with most of the other writing assistant tools – a grammar checker, error detection, punctuation checker, spelling, and style. 

The stand out for this tool is, it’s two different versions :

  1. WhiteSmoke Web
  2. WhiteSmoke Desktop Premium

It allows you to use this tool on your browser using their extension and on your pc using their desktop version. The best part is that it supports almost all of the usual browsers, and the desktop version is available for Windows and Mac OS. 

To top it off, there’s something extra that only WhiteSmoke offers, English writing tutorials, video tutorials and letter templates.

Whitesmoke Pricing & Features : 

Whitesmoke Versions

Depending on the WhiteSmoke plan you choose, you’ll get the following features : 

Web Plan Features : 

  •  Grammar Checker
  •  Plagiarism Checker 
  •  Translator

Premium Plan Features : 

  • Grammar Checker
  •  Plagiarism Checker 
  •  Translator
  •  One-click instant Proofreading
  •  Integrated with all writing platforms
  •  1-Computer License

Business Plan Features : 

  •  Grammar Checker
  •  Plagiarism Checker 
  •  Translator
  •  3-Computer License
  •  One-click instant Proofreading
  •  Integrated with all writing platforms
  •  Phone Customer Support
  •  Extended Download Warranty

Whitesmoke Pricings : 

whitesmoke pricing and plans


Whitesmoke offers three different package levels. Here’s the pricing for all the plans and what you can expect for your money:

Web Plan – $5.00 / Month

Premium Plan – $6.66 / Month

Business Plan – $11.50 / Month

Like the sound of WhiteSmoke? get a discount of up to 60% –> Click Here.

Add-ons : 

Whitesmoke is excellent when it comes to compatibility. It works on Windows 7, 8, 10, macOS, Sierra (10.12), All Browsers, MS Office and Gmail. 

Conclusion : 

I thoroughly recommend this tool if you don’t use a browser for writing your content ie writing directly into WordPress and instead use something like MS Word. It’ll help you write near-flawless content right from your desktop. 

PaperRater or Paper Checker Review : 

Paperrate Review

Overview : 

PaperRater is a tool that offers web-based accessibility, just like Grammarly and ProWritingAid.

It’s been specifically designed for students and researchers who want to check their papers for flaws. This tool is backed by a powerful AI offering a quick and efficient analysis of your paper within seconds.

The tool has got all the features of a good writing assistant like a grammar check, spelling check, suggestions, plagiarism check, etc.

It offers two plans, a Basic (Free) and a Premium (paid) plan. The difference is noticeable; the free plan offers limited features, while the premium provides exceptional features. 

PaperRater Features & Pricings : 

Paperrate Pricing and Features

Free Plan :

  • Maximum Submission Length – 5 pages/submission
  • Submissions per Month – 50
  • Plagiarism Checks per Month 10
  • Grammar & Spelling Check
  • Writing Suggestions
  • Automated Scoring

Premium Plan : 

  • Maximum Submission Length – 20 pages/submission
  • Submissions per Month – 200
  • Plagiarism Checks per Month – 25
  • Grammar & Spelling Check
  • Writing Suggestions
  • Automated Scoring
  • Plagiarism Check Integrated into Proofreader
  • Ad-Free
  • Enhanced Plagiarism Check: Matching Text Displayed
  • File Upload (doc, docx, txt, rtf)
  • Premium-Only Modules
  • Faster Processing

PaperRater Pricings : 

Premium Plans : $14.95/mo or $95.40/yr 

Add-ons : 

Allows File Uploads & Plagiarism Check Integrated into Proofreader

Conclusion : 

While the Basic and Premium plans for PaperRater have vast differences, this tool is still pretty cool and most likely will be exactly the type of writing assistant tool you need if you’re a student or academic writer.

PaperRater has everything you need, although, it doesn’t quite stack up to the Grammarly’s or ProWritingAid’s of this world, particularly with the limited submissions per month.

Reverso Spell Checker Review : 

Reverso Spell Checker

Overview : 

Reverso is another online grammar checker and translator. It supports 14 languages including French, Spanish, German, Italian and Russian. 

In my mind, Reverso is one of the more basic looking writing assistant tools. It comes with a browser extension and supports features like grammar correction, rephrasing, synonyms, and spell checker.

It’s pretty simple, but bears mentioning because not everyone can afford to pay for a premium tool to use, or for that matter will need a full suite of features and functions.

Reverso Pricing & Features : 

Reverso Pricing

  • Translation Support For 14 Languages
  • Synonyms and Recommendations
  • Strong Context and Dictionary Base

Pricings : 

Reverso Premium Plan Offers 3 Plans : 

Monthly: 9.99EUR – Per month, up to 6,000 words per month

Annual: 5.99EUR – Per month, billed one time 71.88 EUR Up to 75,000 words per year

Visit Reverso to check the latest pricing.

Add-Ons : 

Reverso Grammar allows you to upload files, and it translates the file superfast. 

You can listen to the pronunciation of words accurately of all the languages that it supports.

Conclusion : 

If you want to translate documents along with proper grammar checks, Reverso is your option.

SentenceCheckup Review:

(Free Online Sentence Checker)

Sentencecheker.com Review

Overview : 

Sentencecheckup is a free web-based tool that offers free cleanup of your sentences. You can use it to check for grammatical errors and punctuation. It also has a check for run-on sentences and fragment checker.

If you simply cannot afford any of the paid tools above or perhaps just don’t want to pay for a writing assistant tool, then I have you covered, this one is absolutely free! Not only that, it comes with a nifty sentence structure and grammar checker too.

SentenceCheckup Features :

  • Sentence Structure Checker
  • Grammar Checker
  • Punctuation Checker

Visit SentenceCheckup Official Website -> Here

Add-Ons : 

It has a straightforward design, and it’s free with basic grammar and spelling checkups.

Conclusion : 

SentenceCheckup is a free tool and thus does not have much to offer. Unlike other tools in this list, there is no powerful AI powering it; however, it still holds value and is very easy to use. Great for a first draft check to make sure things are in order, other than that not as useful as some of the other tools mentioned above. 

Hemingway App Review:

(Hemingway Editor Free And Easy To Use)

Hemingway Editor Review

Overview : 

Hemingway is by far my favorite when it comes to the free tools on offer, it’s hard to believe they don’t charge! instead, everything is free, free, free. 

Hemingway App has many of the features the paid tools have… the difference here is that they are FREE!! There I said it again. There are no monthly fees here. It offers a grammar and spelling check along with other exciting features like readability score, adverbs, passive voice and formatting. 

Hemingway Features : 

  • Readability Grade Levels
  • Write and Edit Modes
  • Adverbs
  • Words That Can Be Simpler
  • Passive Voice
  • Text Formatting
  • Free upgrades of the Desktop App

Add-Ons : 

It has a desktop version, which is available to download on their website.

Conclusion : 

As a free tool, Hemingway offers an impressive set of features, delivered with no pesky ads. As far as the free tools go I’d have to say Hemingway would be my #1 recommendation, particularly if you’re a student who is creating simple articles or writing simple letters, definitely worth a try. 

Just a word of caution to anyone other than my student friends though, Hemingway is great but it’s not a Grammarly, ProWriterAid, Ginger or WhiteSmoke. If you’re a professional you’ll not want to waste your time here… scroll back up the list 🙂

LanguageTool.org Review :

LanguageTool Grammar Checker

Overview :

Languagetool is a useful writing assistant tool and offers all the usual features like finding errors and interestingly enough detecting the wrong gender… but only for German content.

It supports add-ons for MS-Word and offers API for developers and multiple languages such as English, German, Spanish and French.

In addition, an interesting and unique thing about this tool is that it supports the detection of incorrect IBAN and ISBN. This feature is only available in this tool. 

LanguageTool Features & Pricing : 

LanguageTool Pricing

Free Plan – 

  • 20,000 character per checks
  • Thousands of patterns for finding errors in English, German, and French.

Premium Plan – $5.00/month available on – languagetoolplus.com

  • 40,000 characters per check
  • Thousands of patterns for finding errors in English, German & French
  • Add-on for Microsoft Word
  • Detection of the wrong gender in the salutation (German only)
  • Detection of incorrect checksums in ISBN and IBAN 
  • Detection of more than 4500 additional errors for English, German, Spanish, French, and Dutch

Add-Ons : 

It supports MS-Word integration along with grammar check for multiple languages. 

Conclusion : 

 It’s ideal for students, authors, freelancers, agencies, companies. If you’re a developer, then you can contact them and get an API. 

Slick Write Grammar Checker Review : 

slick write review

Slick Write is a free tool that providers several features for proofreading and analyzing your content. 

The tool offers a very simple UI and easy to understand features. The creators use ads to monetize the tool and are also open to tips. 

Features of Slick Write : 

It offers some pretty handy features which help you to clean up your content. It can easily pick up parts, structure, and quotes from the article. Also, it has a flow feature that allows you to see the flow of the content. 

  • Flow 
  • Statistics
  • Associator

Visit – Slick Write for exclusive features. 

Add-ons : 

Slick Write provides helpful hints for your content, if you check out the settings, you can customize your requirements to improve your content making it better. 

Conclusion : 

Even though it’s a free tool, it offers great features to proofread your content. A great option if you don’t mind the ads and have the money to tip the creators.

1Checker Proofreader Review : 

1checker review

Overview : 

1Checker is a 100% free proofreader and assistant writer. It works on a desktop, and you can download it on your system. It offers premium features like spelling check, grammar check, style review, vocabulary enrichment, dictionary, translation, and more this-is-exactly-what-I-want benefits all packed in one. All these features at no cost at all, amazing, right?

1Checker Features :

  • Instant Proofreading
  • Professional Explanation
  • Progressive Advancement
  • Smart Enrichment

Add-Ons : 

It’s downloadable on Windows, Mac and also works with MS-Word. For a free tool, it’s perfect.

Conclusion :

If you need a free proofreader for your pc with templates, give it a try.

Writefull Grammer Checker Review : 

writeful review

Overview : 

Writefull is an open-source and free writing assistant. It supports multiple platforms and is widely used by many researchers, institutions, and publishers. 

You can simply integrate it with Word for both Windows and Mac, or you can add the extension on your browser.

Writefull Features : 

writeful features


Writefull supports integration and is open source. It has basic features of all the grammar checkers, and the AI offers useful suggestions for scientific content.

  • Using Artificial Intelligence
  • Tailored to the language of science
  • Thorough language check
  • Easy integration

Add-ons :

Writefull supports manuscript upload. You can upload your scripts, and it’ll help you find all the errors and fix them.

Website Link: https://writefull.com/

Conclusion : 

If you’re into research and scientific article writing, you should give their free version a try. The ability to upload and check full manuscripts is a definite plus! 

Onlinecorrection [Online Text Correction] Review : 

onlinecorrection review

Overview : 

Onlinecorrection is a very simple tool with easy to use and minimal user interface. It helps you with spelling check, basic grammar, and stylistic mistakes, etc.

It’s certainly not as advanced as the other tools in this list; however, it’s still a useful tool. An exciting feature is the dialect option.

It allows you to choose the dialect of your content from the following :

  • American English
  • British English
  • Australian English
  • New Zealand English
  • South African English

Features & Add-Ons : 

I liked the dialect feature on this tool, which is interesting for a free tool.

Visit their website –> HERE

Conclusion : 

Onlinecorrection grammar checker is a simple website with basic grammar checker functionalities. Useful for basic proofreading.

Overall Summary:

So, there we have it! 13 very different writing assistant tools and alternatives to Grammarly, both Free and paid.

There are different options for students, bloggers, professionals and even businesses. Depending on the level of complexity when it comes to writing and of course your intended audience you’re bound to find an option perfect for you in the above list.

I hope you found this guide useful, and you’ll test these tools… which one will you be using or road testing?

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