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Trying to find the perfect WordPress theme for your website can quickly turn into a long and frustrating search for the PERFECT theme to match your online goals. There are literally hundreds of WordPress themes being released to the market each and every day, so how do you sort the gold from the rubbish? and do you go for a free or a premium theme?

A good start is to check out this post: How to Choose a WordPress Theme – 10 Things to Think About In that post, I outline the 10 crucial considerations you need to think about when shortlisting themes in your WordPress Theme search.

You’ll also find that pretty much EVERYTHING mentioned in that post has been covered and thought about by Blossom Themes.

When I started looking for a theme for this website I searched a good long time, some themes looked great but lacked the features I wanted, others had all the bells and whistles but lacked a clean and simple look. As usual, when you’re searching for a WordPress theme that’ll fit the vision you have for your site, it started to get a bit frustrating.

Then I came across Blossom Themes and in this post, I’ll tell you why I chose this theme over many many others that I shortlisted!

Why Choose Blossom Themes?

On the face of it this theme, along with the other Blossom Themes on offer, are all squarely aimed at the mompreneur market. If your aim is to create a blog or website focused on:

  • The latest fashion tips or trends there is a Blossom Fashion ThemeFree and Premium Versions
  • Sharing your life experiences, tips and advice to other women there is a Blossom Lifestyle ThemeFree and Premium Versions
  • Sharing your upcoming special day with friends and family with the Blossom Wedding ThemeFree and Premium Versions
  • Travel tips and advice or travel stories, then use the Blossom Travel ThemeFree and Premium Versions
  • Beauty and makeup tutorials, there is the Blossom Beauty Theme for you! – Free and Premium Versions
  • Sharing the experience of being a mom with other moms you could use the Blossom Mom ThemeFree and Premium Versions
  • Recipes, cooking and recommendations for foodies, then the Blossom Recipe Theme is for you! – Free and Premium Versions

Note: The links above will lead you to the Free and Premium versions of each theme, you may notice that some of the Premium Version links lead you to a different Premium Version of a theme… an example is the Free version of Blossom Mom, the Premium Version of this theme is actually Blossom Feminine Pro. Fret not! the links are right! Blossom Feminine Pro is the Parent theme with Blossom Mom Theme being the child to that theme… if you’re a newbie then that last bit might not make a lot of sense. Never Fear! says the following about the Parent-Child theme relationship…

Child Theme

A child theme allows you to change small aspects of your site’s appearance yet still preserve your theme’s look and functionality. To understand how child themes work it is first important to understand the relationship between parent and child themes.

What is a Parent Theme?

A parent theme is a complete theme which includes all of the required WordPress Template files and assets for the theme to work. All themes – excluding child themes – are considered parent themes.

What is a Child Theme?

As indicated in the overview, a child theme inherits the look and feel of the parent theme and all of its functions, but can be used to make modifications to any part of the theme. In this way, customizations are kept separate from the parent theme’s files. Using a child theme lets you upgrade the parent theme without affecting the customizations you’ve made to your site.

Child themes:

  • make your modifications portable and replicable;
  • keep customization separate from parent theme functions;
  • allow parent themes to be updated without destroying your modifications;
  • allow you to take advantage of the effort and testing put into parent theme;
  • save on development time since you are not recreating the wheel; and
  • are a great way to start learning about theme development

I hope that helps clarify things for you! There are also other themes in the Blossom Theme range that could be of interest to you as well, most, if not all have a free AND a Premium version.

So why would I use Blossom Feminine Pro as a theme for a Web hosting, Theme and Plugin review site? The answer lies in three main places – The features, the clean simple layout and the AMAZING support… of course I also use this theme because it looks so damn good!
Literally THE best WordPress Theme out there - Blossom Themes banner

Blossom Feminine Pro Features

Since I use the Blossom Feminine Pro Theme with the Blossom Mommy Blog as a child theme I’ll walk you through the features for this theme. If you’d like to check out any of the other themes and their features I’d encourage you to head on over to the Blossom Themes Website.

Layout Features

When it comes to website layouts you want to use a theme that will give you enough options to ensure that you have a completely unique website and Blossom Feminine Pro delivers that with 8 Different Header Layouts to choose from.

There are also 16 Different Home Page Layouts offering both full-width or homepage with left or right sidebar options, you can also go with a grid, list or masonry layout.

If you like the sliders, Blossom Feminine Pro comes with 4 Slider Layouts – Single slide at a time, a masonry layout, a grid of slides or single slide with a glimpse of two other slides.

Within the slider, you can choose to showcase your latest posts, pages, categories or create custom slides. There is room enough for up to 20 recent posts, unlimited pages, slides or posts from a category. There are controls for the slide transition, loop, animation, caption and image for the slider.

Blossom Feminine Pro comes with 2 Featured Area Layouts. You can choose to have a caption inside the image or below the image. Highlight up to 3 feature pages or create your own custom featured content that will sit below the banner slider – in my case the featured content is 3 categories of posts, Reviews, Know-how and Tools.

Provide your visitors with a short summary of the posts within your blog from the homepage layout by enabling post excerpt. You can choose the length of the excerpt too… up to 100 words.

You also have the option to display 2 Sticky Posts, again with either text within and image or below the image. Pin your favourite, most read or most important post to your homepage.

While I’m on the sticky subject, Blossom Feminine Pro also gives you the ability to make your main navigation menu either sticky or floating adding that extra interactivity factor to your website.

Along with the above layout features this premium theme also allows you to tweak the color pallet to fit your vision, style and brand with a simple click of the mouse. It really doesn’t matter what color you need or want either, you’re not locked into a couple of options here.

Let’s talk about fonts for a minute, while the fonts used within the theme have been specifically chosen to maximize readability you can actually choose from over 600 Google fonts if you prefer and make changes to the font size as well. If you want to change the typography of the body or heading (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6) text, go right ahead!

This theme even takes into account creating unique looking pagination with 4 Pagination Layouts – Next/Previous, Numbered, Load More button or and Auto Infinite Scroll.

Finally, in terms of the layout options, you even have control over your website footer with the Full Footer Copyrights Editor. You have complete control over what goes here – easily edit, add or completely remove any section for the footer of your site.

Widget Features

Blossom Feminine Pro is Widget Ready and has loads of space for widgets. Having a Widget ready design and code allows you to easily customize your website to easily get the look and feel you’re after without compromising the design of the theme.

It comes with an unlimited advanced sidebar meaning you can choose to have any number of sidebars and populate them with widgets to add a ton of features to your website with only a couple of clicks.

There are also 12 custom widgets to help you create a truly unique looking website, they also help take the headache out of trying to make the WordPress widgets confirm to your needs with additional coding. You’ll find a widget for…

  • Blossom: Advertisement
  • Blossom: Author Bio
  • Blossom: Custom Categories
  • Blossom: Facebook Page
  • Blossom: Image Text
  • Blossom: Pinterest
  • Blossom: Popular Post
  • Blossom: Posts Category Slider
  • Blossom: Recent Post
  • Blossom: Snapchat
  • Blossom: Social Media
  • Blossom: Twitter Feed

Use the Blossom: Advertisement widget to become one of those rare bloggers who make money. This widget helps you easily place ad code or a custom image with a link in your sidebar, helping you monetize your blog.

The Blossom: Author Bio widget lets you add a short bio, photo, signature and your social media profiles to the sidebar, helping to create that extra bit of connection and credibility with your visitors.

Ever wanted to display your social posts on your website? Well, the Blossom: Facebook Page, Blossom: Pinterest, Blossom: SnapChat, Blossom: Twitter Feed and Blossom: Social Media widgets let you do exactly that. There’s also an Instagram widget to integrate your posts with your website.

While we’re talking about widgets it’s also worth mentioning the Blossom Themes Email Newsletter plugin/widget which allows you to easily add a subscription form to your site, grow or build an email list and also send out a regular newsletter to that list.

There is also a Sticky Widget allowing you to make the last widget of the sidebar sticky, you could use this for any number of things, including any call to action buttons.

Single Post Features

Another place you can bring a unique look and feel to your website is with the 5 Distinct Single Post/Page Layouts. Go with a full-width feature image above your content, placing the post title within or below the image, posts with a sidebar OR a full-width post.

Increase post engagement with the ability to add related posts at the bottom of the single post page using the same category or post tags. There’s also the option to display the most popular posts, measured by the number of comments, at the bottom of the single post page.

If you’re looking to create one of those blogs that make money this next feature is for you! Blossom Feminine Pro (along with all Blossom premium themes) comes with pre-built advertisement spots which are strategically placed at the beginning and end of your content. This is a super simple way to monetize your blog with Adsense and because they have been strategically placed to increase click-through rate you’ll maximize your earnings – All you have to do is add your Adsense code or banner and link.

As I’m sure you know the bloggers who make money are the ones that rank better with Google. Even though the ranking algorithms for the search engine are a closely guarded secret one thing stands to reason – Google LOVES fresh content. So the premium version of Blossom Feminine comes with an option to show the last updated post date on the single post page – Helping Google crawlers to identify recent content.

Leveraging your social media channels is one way to drive extra traffic to your website, with Blossom Feminine Pro’s Social Media Integration you can not only display your social media links on your website for visitors to follow you but you can also add 14 different social sharing options to each of your single posts. Having these options means you’ll increase the likelihood of one of your posts being shared.
Literally THE best WordPress Theme out there - Blossom Themes banner

SEO, Speed and Responsiveness Features

When Blossom Themes were developing their suite of themes they had one of THE most important features in mind, making their themes SEO Optimized. They poured every ounce of their expert SEO teams knowledge into the development of the theme and what they came up with is a theme that search engines love. Using a Blossom Theme makes it easy for the search engine crawlers to find and read your website, giving you an edge over your competitors and translates into higher rankings

The theme also has a nice Breadcrumb option to help your visitors and search engine crawlers navigate your site. The Easy Legibility combination of the perfect font type, size, spaces and contrast makes your content easy on the eye and easy to read, another factor in being ranked by search engines.

Another factor in the SEO equation is having a Speed Optimized site, nobody likes a site that takes forever to load, least of all Google! If you have a slow and laggy website you risk losing your visitors interest which means they are more likely to find somewhere else to browse to… like your competitor’s website. Luckily, the Blossom Themes are speed optimized WordPress themes, which means your website will load faster and your visitors will have a smooth browsing experience.

Blossom Themes are also Cross Browser Compatible, they work seamlessly across popular web browsers and have been extensively tested on Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari browsers to make sure your visitors get an optimal experience.

Speaking of browsers, did you know that it’s more than likely that 50% of the traffic to your website will come from people browsing on their mobile phone? That’s right, those phone zombies that constantly get in your way will you’re out and about could actually be visiting your website! It’s with that in mind that Blossom Themes are Mobile-Friendly Designs meaning that your site will automatically conform and adjust itself to any screen size, no matter if its viewed on a phone or a tablet.

Blossom Feminine Pro also passes the Google mobile-friendly test, which again, means better rankings in the search results and of course better user experience.

What other features does this theme have?

If everything I’ve covered so far hasn’t made you want to make the move to a Blossom WordPress Theme, first of all, I’m shocked, but then maybe you haven’t yet seen a feature you thought should or might be included. So here are a couple of extra features that are on offer.

This theme is fully WooCommerce compatible, so if you wanted to add beauty and elegance into your online store this is an option for you.

If you’re looking for features around languages other than English then Blossom Feminine Pro has you covered as well. Its Translation Ready and supports localization so you can use the theme in your own language. It’s also RTL Scripts Ready so if your site is written in Arabic (right-to-left) then you don’t need to worry you can write your content in confidence… it also supports LTR (left-to-right) languages obviously.

If translating your site into multiple languages is a must then… you guessed it, Blossom Themes have you covered! With the Polyland or WPML WordPress Plugin, you can easily translate your site into various languages, effectively creating a multilingual website – Blossom Feminine Pro is Polylang and WPML compatible.

If you’re someone who knows what they’re doing you can modify your website using Custom CSS right from the theme customizer.  Speaking of customizing and editing the theme, it’s made easy thanks to the clean code it’s built on. Everything has been well organised and commented so finding your way around is very easy indeed.

Lastly, no stone has been left unturned, if you want to add your own Custom Site Logo you can.

So What About Support?

Having all these features is great right? but what about setting it all up? how do you know what goes where and how it all works?

When you purchase a Blossom Theme it comes with extensive documentation showing you exactly what to do to set your site up. All you have to do is follow the step-by-step instructions and you’ll be good to go in no time.

What happens if something breaks? or if you break something while you’ré customizing your website?

Well in simple terms, you’re not alone! Blossom Themes are backed by world-class, one-on-one support, and a super active team of developers and designers ready to help! I’ve used them on multiple occasions and I can say unreservedly that they are SUPER quick and SUPER friendly. No matter what your issue, whether its big or small the support team are there to help you through it.

Your website’s security is also paramount, to that end, Blossom Themes regularly update their themes to keep up with the latest security and technical standards keeping your website safe from vulnerabilities.

thumbs up regular


  • Blossom Themes are PACKED, RACKED and STACKED with Features
  • The World-class, one-on-one support is AMAZING
  • A wide range of niche themes available
  • Pricing is incredibly low for all of this
  • There are FREE versions of most themes available

thumbs down regular


  • With so many features it does take a little while to land on the perfect look for your site.
  • There are somethings that should be built into the widgets like an alignment option for banners you put in the advertisement widget. Of course, I do have to add that support are great and can actually give you a piece of code to fix this.
  • To keep getting the theme updates and support you need to renew your licence each year.
  • If you’re completely new to WordPress the USD$148 for the theme, installation and setup could be a little prohibitive.
  • This theme can slow your site a little


With the high-quality list of beautifully elegant themes to choose from, that are all jam-packed with all of these features and the world-class, one-on-one support you’d be forgiven for thinking that you’d have to pay somewhere in the vicinity of USD$100+, however, the great news is this… there are 3 levels of pricing for a Blossom Theme…

As you may, or may not have noticed right at the top of this review there is a FREE option for most of the Blossom Themes: Blossom Feminine included. Although you will have a reduced level of features its still a REALLY good place to start if you want to get an idea of whether or not these WordPress Themes are for you.

The next level is for the Blossom Feminine Pro Version at just USD$49 I personally think its a complete steal!

The final level of pricing is if you’re a complete newbie, have no idea how to install a WordPress theme OR just can’t be bothered and have a bit of cash to splash. In this case, USD$148 will get you the premium version of the theme and the installation and setup service. All you’ll need to do is start filling it with content.

Theme Club

If you’re a web designer or developer or maybe someone who is involved in digital marketing and has a requirement for having access to multiple themes you might want to consider joining the Blossom Themes Theme Club. There are two options available for you here:

Yearly Access for USD$89.00
  • 1-year access to all WordPress themes
  • 1-year access to new theme releases
  • 1-year access to support and updates
  • Install on unlimited domains (unlimited site licenses)
or Lifetime Access for USD$199.00
  • Lifetime access to all WordPress themes
  • Lifetime access to new theme releases
  • Lifetime access to support and updates
  • Install on unlimited domains (unlimited site licenses)

Blossom Themes make it remarkably easy to create elegant and unique websites for your clients, if I had clients I built websites for this would be my theme of choice, particularly because once it’s built its SUPER easy to hand over the reins to the client, SUPER easy for them to take over and run.


Not a word of a lie here, I absolutely love this theme. With all the layout options and features, it’s really easy to come up with and create a site that is completely unique and can fit into any niche. This is how I have managed to take what essentially is a mompreneur type theme and use it for a Web Hosting, Theme and Plugin review site.

The support is second to none. No matter how big your issue is they are there to help, they’re always friendly and always quick.

The optimizations that have gone into this theme help boost Google ranking, which can help propel your website to the coveted page one ranking and turn your website into one of the most profitable blogs.

In short, Blossom Themes will help you to create a unique and eye-catching website, one that is easy to navigate and that visitors enjoy visiting. If you’re looking for a WordPress theme then Blossom Themes are for you! Click the banner below to join the Blossom Theme family today.

Literally THE best WordPress Theme out there - Blossom Themes banner

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