Domain Name Search

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Your domain name is how people find you on the internet so not only does it need to fit or match your business name it needs to be easy for people to remember and also easy enough for you to promote.

When you’re starting a business one of the MOST important things you’ll do is come up with a name for your pride and joy. Coming up with a domain name is equally important.

There are 7 things you should consider when you choose your domain name.

Research is Key

If you already have a business name, you’ll have done a bit of research into the name before you started using it, making sure it doesn’t infringe on another companies trademarked or copyrighted name.

The same applies to your domain name, it shouldn’t be a name that’s already trademarked or copyrighted, equally, you shouldn’t use a variation of an existing company’s domain or name.

If you’re lucky you might find your business name is already available as a domain name

Only use .com

.com domain names are seen to be the most credible by internet users. While it might seem like a good idea to use one of the newer niche type extensions like .pizza for your pizza shop you actually risk losing traffic to your site and ultimately customers.

The only time you wouldn’t use a .com domain name is if you’re creating a business that is country-specific and will NEVER expand out of that country and even then I would suggest you go for a .com domain name rather than a or type address.

.com addresses are memorable; most people will assume your website is your business name followed by .com so it makes sense to get a .com address wherever possible.

Keep it short

Shorter domain names are easier to remember and mean people have less of a chance to get it wrong. Anything longer than 15 characters long is opening up a chance to spell the name wrong and that means less traffic!

Keywords Help SEO

Using a keyword in your domain name will help search engines like Google and Bing understand what your site is about, which helps translate into higher rankings.

Of course, if you already have a business name and its available, I recommend going for that rather than trying to add a keyword in for the sake of it.

Don’t Paint Yourself into a Corner

Adding niche-specific keywords into your domain name is a good move in terms of SEO but be super careful not to paint yourself into a corner and unwittingly limit your ability to grow your business.

What do I mean by that? Well, think about it this way if you like, you register the domain name today because you want to sell running shoes online. After a couple of months your running shoe business is so successful you decide you want to branch out into formal shoes as well.

You’ll find it hard to attract formal shoe buyers to a website that has a running shoe domain name… follow?

Make sure your domain name is niche but not too niche.

Say ‘NO!’ to Hyphens and Double Letters

Hyphenated domains are a classic sign of a spam domain, you also invite your visitors to mistype or misspell your domain name and end up at your competitor’s website when they forget to add the hyphen. Rule of thumb… don’t do it.

Something else to avoid is double letters. Double letters increase the chances of losing traffic to typos and also make your domain harder to type and brand. It might seem like a bit of a non-thing but trust me double letters will kill your traffic! The second rule of thumb?… Don’t do it!

Make it Memorable and Easy to Pronounce

It stands to reason that your domain name should be memorable, but it also needs to be easy enough for people to pronounce… especially for you to pronounce. After-all you’re the one that will be asked most often to share your domain name to others.

Unique business names are great but make sure they’re not so unique that no one knows what to type into google to find your site.

If your domain name is unique, catchy and memorable you’ll also naturally increase your traffic!

If you Snooze you Might Lose

Finally, if you see a great domain name that’s a fit for your online business… grab it!

There are literally thousands of new domain names registered every day, some people even treat flipping domain names as a business, they buy them cheap in the hope that they can sell them for more later. If you snooze you might lose!

Got an idea for a domain name? Use my domain search to see if it’s available and register it while you can!