How to Install a WordPress Theme

How to Install a WordPress Theme

One of the very first steps you take when you build a website is to look for a WordPress Theme. If you’ve ever searched for a WordPress Theme you’ll know that there are literally thousands of themes to choose from, both free and paid. There are also literally hundreds of new themes hitting the marketplace … Read more

Blossom Themes Revealed

Blossom Themes Revealed - Website Theme Review

Trying to find the perfect WordPress theme for your website can quickly turn into a long and frustrating search for the PERFECT theme to match your online goals. There are literally hundreds of WordPress themes being released to the market each and every day, so how do you sort the gold from the rubbish? and … Read more

How to Choose a WordPress Theme – 10 Things to Think About


It’s easy to become overwhelmed when you’re selecting your WordPress theme, to begin with, there are thousands of options available, both free and paid. You scroll through the options and its never too long before you’re completely confused as to what theme will work best for your new website. So how do you choose a … Read more


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